Wednesday, November 23, 2016

A Time for Family

I recently had a conversation with an empty nester friend of mine.  She was upset that no one's coming to her house for Thanksgiving--her kids all have their own lives.

My kids are all coming home and I'm dreading the thought.  They're all at that early independence phase where their way is the right way (don't they know MY way is always the right way?  LOL!)  Thus, angry things are said and someone always gets hurt.

So, for Thanksgiving this year, it's a time for family to be nice and not fight.  No more rolls flying over the dinner table to take someone's eye out.

For us, we'll take care of this problem by going to Golden Corral for lunch.  I don't have to bake all day long, for all the different things they're all craving (it's like five meals in one for what they all want).  I can sit down, and when they start to fight, I can conveniently get up and fix another plate.  Do you think ten plates are too many?  Watch me.  LOL!

So enjoy your holiday tomorrow and think of me in my referee outfit.  I seem to wear it every year.

Have a great day!
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