Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Meet the Military Man

When I wrote Faith in the Darkest of Nights, I had to figure out what a military man would be like.  I studied different movies and watched people in stores, to figure out who had been in the military and what they were like.  It wasn't an easy thing to do, because not all military people behave in the same way.  For example, my own father had been in the Army.  But he didn't behave like he'd done any time at all, like some military personnel do.

So what's the stereotype of a military member?  In general, from what I've observed, they stand tall, are disciplined, and extremely tough.  Emotions don't seem to be a part of their lives.  They have a job to do and that's their goal.

Think about the people you know who've served.  Here are a few people who have served, and you can see that self-discipline in the way they hold themselves, even though sometimes, they try to hide it:
  • Chuck Norris (US Air Force)
  • Morgan Freeman (US Air Force)
  • Mr. T (US Army)
  • Clint Eastwood (US Army)
  • Elvis Presley (US Army)

Many of the members of the government have also served in the military and it shows.  They've been trained to be leaders, so it makes sense.

My daughter wanted to learn to have that military self-discipline.  She tried to become more like a military person, but it was tough to do.  She had to give up a lot do to that and she wasn't willing to change anything.  It takes dedication.

I found the article, How to Adopt a Military Attitude, which shows the following if someone wants to develop a military attitude:

  • Appearance:  always wear clean and orderly clothes that match
  • Home:  keep it sparkling clean with memoirs from the military
  • Lifestyle:  be on time for everything and keep a schedule.  Walk briskly when walking.  Stand straight when standing, with hands locked at the back and gaze straight ahead.  It shows solid determination.  Also, give the aura of being tough.  Exercise regularly to stay in shape.
  • Dealing with people: use full names and surnames when addressing someone, not pet names.  Use Sir/Ma'am.
  • Laws:  follow all laws and keep promises to show strong character.

When writing about a military member, even if they're now out of the military, that tough self-discipline has to show.

Have a great day!
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