Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Meet the Secret Agent

I have a series of books about a group of secret agents who work for a special division of the CIA. It's called the Extreme Travel Series.

When I first started this series, I did some research on the life of a secret agent--but there's not much out there.  To get a feel for it, I watched some movies and television shows, because I don't think many secret agents would publish what it's like to go to a foreign country and throw over a dictator, for example.

When I put myself in the place of that agent, I understood why it's so secretive.  One would think that once they retired, they'd tell of their experience, but to do so would put them in grave danger at home.
Even so, I once knew a secret agent.  The guy was dating a neighbor of mine when I lived in D.C.  He worked for the FBI and would travel overseas.  I always thought spies (or spooks as they're known in the 'trade,') would look and dress like James Bond.  Not so.  This guy was your typical Southerner with a pot gut.  No kidding.  Why?  Because he could blend in as a tourist and no one would ever suspect.

The FBI sends their agents overseas, even though that's usually the job of the CIA.  Why, I have no idea, and didn't ask.  The less I knew, the better.

What was the goal of that man I knew? He wanted to retire and work at his uncle's garage, fixing cars.  He said that even though he did all this work for the government, he could never tell any of it and it wasn't allowed to go on his résumé.  Poor guy.

So make your secret agents 'average' and see what happens.  They might be able to infiltrate even the biggest crimes in the world that way.

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