Friday, December 2, 2016

Christmas Cards!

Every year, I tell myself that I'll never send Christmas cards after this year.  Who reads them anyway?  Who cares about getting Christmas cards?  My sister only sends things online unless the person doesn't have the Internet (like my mom).

So why do I send Christmas cards?  My handwriting is pretty awful, so I even print out the labels and put a sticker for our name on the inside, so people can actually read it. I don't send out those big letters with accomplishments, but just streamline it to make it fast and painless.

I finally decided this year that there's a reason I send those cards.  For some of my recipients, this is all the Christmas they will get.  It's something tangible for them to hold, to give them a memory they may not ever have.  It's more personal than just an ecard.

My mom used to take all the Christmas cards she'd get and tape them up to a doorway, so it'd be more festive than having no decoration at all.  We could also see who wanted to share Christmas with us, by inviting them into our home for the holiday.

So the next time you consider not sending Christmas cards, realize that one person may never have any other connection to Christmas.  Thus, I'm sending out my cards this year, to make someone happy.

Have a great day!
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