Monday, December 5, 2016

Don't you just love Christmas?

Remember when you were a kid and the magic of Christmas filled your heart from about Thanksgiving until the New Year?

I remember those days fondly.  I had an old radio (a lot like this one, but green: Old Radio) that I would turn on from the first day of the school's Christmas vacation, and listen to Christmas songs.  It seemed to take an enternity for Christmas to arrive.

In the meantime, we'd string up lights, put up the tree, and even bake cookies.  My mom loved Christmas because it was also her birthday.  My dad used to tell people (including one Sunday in front of the entire church) that he married my mom so he'd only have to get her one present every year.  He was hardly like that...he loved Christmas and always went overboard for everyone, including my mom.  But it was his joke.

Anyway, we'd really get into Christmas.  Every year, my dad would drive us around to see all the pretty Christmas lights people would put around their house, including all the decorations in the front yard.  Mom would put the Christmas cards on all the interior door frames, and we'd always love reading those big letters some people put in their cards, bragging about their lives (I guess it was an early form of Facebook).

As we get older, we seem to lose that magical time, just waiting for Christmas to arrive.  It seems to be more hustle and bustle, or as my dad would say, 'it's the season of push and shove.'

I'd like to get back to that magic.  Wouldn't you?

Have a great day!
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