Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Is Your Story Funny at All?

I'm a doubter.  I doubt everything I do.  I have no doubt about it.  I envy people who have the courage to just go with what they have, tout it as X and it becomes X.

For me, writing humor is tough.  I always worry it's not funny to others, so I downplay the humor when I promote it.  Thus, I envy the people who say their books are laugh out loud, so funny, you'll spit coffee out your nose.  When I've read their things, though, it's rarely true.  I know of one or two authors who can make me laugh so hard, I can't catch my breath--and they're both NY traditionally published authors.

So how do you tell if your story is funny?  Here's how I judge my own work.  If I've written and published the thing and then come back YEARS later and still laugh (where appropriate, not that I'm laughing because it's bad), then it's funny.  I've done that, and wondered when I thought up such things, because I didn't remember writing it (I have too many books to remember every detail).  That's how I tell if a book is funny.

Do you have another way to determine it?

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