Thursday, December 15, 2016

My 'Some Day' list for Wooden Crafts

There are so many talented people, posting their things on the Internet.  Here are a few really cool things I saw online that don't fit into other categories.  Some day, I hope to buy a few things like these things.

NOTE:  This is not an endorsement of the products, nor is it the entire list of crafts I'd love to buy some day.  This is a quick summary of items I found online and had time and space to list. Also, these are in no particular order.

The items below are all wooden objects, but so cool, I had to mention them.

SweetTale Books

Items by Tom Roche on Etsy:  All woodworking and well worth checking it out.  I love the cutting board and the clock.  VERY cool!!!  He's also on Twitter.

Items by John Evans.  Also on Twitter.  This guy's from the UK and makes wooden boxes.  They're so cool!  I could find a lot of things to put in boxes like these.

Items by RusticRootsFarm on Etsy:  I love natural and reclaimed wooden items.

Items by Northern Oaks Decor Co on Etsy.  Amazing wooden art.  I wish I were talented like these people!

Items by Happy Chairs and More on Etsy.  Wow.  Cool stuff, especially for kids or people who act like kids (ME!).  Very cool!

That's just a few.

Check out the indie stuff online, from books, to art, to crafts.  These small business people have a ton of talent, and need to all be recognized.

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