Monday, December 12, 2016

My 'Some Day' List--Books

Have you ever gone through the Internet (especially on places like Facebook and Twitter) and wished you could buy a lot of the things advertised there?  I have quite a few things and want to share them with you, in case you need some ideas for presents.

I'm going to use mostly Amazon links, since most of them are there.  Plus, there's this cool 'embed' feature for some of the products (ebooks), so you can see the book and even see a preview.  Very cool!

NOTE:  This is not an endorsement of the products, nor is it the entire list of books I want to read.  This is a quick summary of books I found online and had time and space to list. Also, these are in no particular order.  Just saying.

Anyway, this is just a start of what I'd love to buy, myself, in books.  Some day...yes, some day.  I've read the previews of these and they're good.

SweetTale Books

Adult books:

If you like your books with great intrigue, try this one:

 (Great ideas on losing weight.gotta try this some day!)

(This guy is quite a storyteller...amazing writer:)

(If you love westerns, this lady is fantastic!)

If you like Amish Romances, here's a great one:

 (Love police/detective stories, and this guy has a background in detective work.
This is the first of the series:)

(I really like the way this lady writes.  It's fun, rather sweet, and exciting!)

(Here's another western, just in time for Christmas.  This is a good one!)

(This interested me because of my YA books...great insight!)

(I'd love to travel some day:)

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