Tuesday, December 13, 2016

My 'Some Day' List--Children's Books

Here's more of my 'some day' list.  Today--children's books.  If only I had a few grandkids so I could buy these and read them before the kids do...for myself.  LOL!

NOTE:  This is not an endorsement of the products, nor is it the entire list of books I want to read.  This is a quick summary of books I found online and had time and space to list. Also, these are in no particular order.

SweetTale Books

Children's books 

Snugs the Snow Bear  (this is in hard cover/paperback)
Here's the picture of the cover, from Amazon:

This looked adorable:

(This looked really cute):

(If you know a young cowgirl type, here's your book!)

(Very cute!  I want to have a tea party now.  LOL!)

(Great book to read before Christmas!)

(This looks like a good one to read before bedtime,
to kids of any age.  It also might make kids develop
a love of reading.)

Have a great day!

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