Wednesday, December 14, 2016

My 'Some Day' list for Art

I love seeing art online.  Do you?  There are some really outstanding artists and I'd love to feature them here.  These are the things I'd love to have on my walls of my house, to look at all day long.

NOTE:  This is not an endorsement of the products, nor is it the entire list of art I love.  This is a quick summary of items I found online and had time and space to list. Also, these are in no particular order.  Just saying.

I'm not going to show the art, because I don't want to 'steal' from these people.  So if you're inclined to look, I'm including a place where you can see what they do.  Amazing artists!!!

Charles Evans Art This guy is absolutely amazing, showing how he paints as he goes--he also teaches how to do it).  He's on Twitter, too.  His art reminds me a lot of the Thomas Kinkade stuff.

Laurie Shanholtzer--I love her art--kids being kids.  It brings back fond memories!  She's on Twitter, too.

Leonid Afremov -- Beautiful, almost impressionistic (I think?) works.  Impressive!  He's on Twitter, too.

Lucia Heffernan -- Very cool stuff--contemporary realism.  She's on Facebook, too.

Shane Turner Art -- this is very interesting stuff, and a little on the 'different' side.  But if you're into modernism, check it out.  He's on Facebook, too.

Artist and Artlovers (twitter account) -- LOTS of stuff here.  Includes things by Michele Ng, Alexander Bolotov'art, and Ildiko Neer Photo & Art, for example.

Have a great day!
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