Monday, December 19, 2016

This is What Winter Romance is Made Of

Someone's stuck in a cabin in winter and someone else rescues them, only to get stuck as well. Sound familiar?  Some romances are built on this premise, but why?

Think about it...two people braving against the elements, where death is a possibility.   They have to work together, and like all romances, fall in love against the odds.  It's what some romances are made of--two people who don't get along who fall in love because of some outside force.

Do you like that type of story?  What makes that type of story better?  Is it because it's dramatic, or do you like the humor that could be involved, which would be a stark contrast to the problems they face?

If you're living in a warm place this week, think of the people stuck in the snow (like up here in Green Bay).  Here's a picture of our yard on Saturday, when it was still snowing.  I just need the cabin and a reason to be holed up with my husband.  A romance in the making. 😁

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