Tuesday, December 27, 2016

What to Do When a Character Turns on You

So I have this character that really hates being beaten up.  He finally turned on me, and all the people in the story, saying mean things to them.  Yes, I was writing it (I'm not schizophrenic) but for each word I wrote, it made sense to let him have his say.  Thus, he took over the story.

What do you do when a character seems to go off the path of your plot?  To tell you the truth, go with it.  Usually, that's going to turn out better than your outlined and detailed plot.  It's fresher and more real than what you have planned.  That character will make a fantastic antagonist (or even protagonist) because they're showing who they really are.

So yes.  Let your character turn on you.  Any conflict is good in a plot, because it shows real life problems.

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