Monday, January 16, 2017

Singular and Plural Possessive

I'm re-editing a book of mine (Wishing on Mistletoe Mountain) and came across 'Rebecca sat alone in the living room of her parents' home, replaying the night's events in her mind.'

For some reason, parents' home stuck out.  Should it be parent's home instead?  Parents is a group of people.  A crowd's home would be apostrophe s, after all.  Or should it be with an s apostrophe since parents are plural?

Off I went to the Internet.  I found it should be s apostrophe.  That's when I had a revelation.

Parents' home is the HOME OF THE PARENTS.  Parents is with an 's' at the end, so it HAS to be an s apostrophe, like parents'.

Night's event is the EVENT OF THE NIGHT.  Night isn't with an 's,' so it's apostrophe s, like night's.

Wow.  That's not even hard to remember!

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