Monday, May 1, 2017

Do You have a Hero Crush?

I have a hero crush for a LOT of my characters.  My male heroes are usually based on my husband, who's a beta male, a computer geek, and a lover of all things sci-fi.  He's good looking (to me, at least...and aging very finely even if he's going bald) and has a heart of absolute gold.  He never gets upset and takes things very logically.  I consider him to be the perfect male model for all male heroes, even if the heroes are alphas.  Why?  Because he's compassionate and looks at life with a 'glass-half-full' attitude.

Thus, I seem to have a problem.  I have this huge hero crush on a lot of my male characters.  They come alive in my head and live there, entertaining me with their wit and compassion until my husband gets home.  😊

Have a great day!  I'm off to think about James, Ian, Ben, Adam, Austin, Dylan, Andy, Eric, Sean...and a host of other hero characters from my books.  LOL!


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