Monday, May 15, 2017

Three Cross Faith: Edits and New Covers!!!

I just finished re-editing and giving new covers to my five Three Cross Faith books.  One reason to do so is that I'm working on #6, and needed to know what I'd written about Dylan, since the sixth book is about him.  Another reason is that I heard from one of my readers that #5 (Remember the Yellow Rose) was hard to understand, since Rosie talked about her work.  So I read over it, and sure enough, I can see why she had problems with it.

I edited all 5, to make sure they were all consistently edited, and to take a little bit of a softer approach to Rosie in Remember the Yellow Rose.

Thus, here are my five 'new' book covers.  I'm working on number six.

All of the books can be seen at  Enjoy!


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