Monday, July 24, 2017

I Love to Read

Most of us at our house have been sick in the past week--even the dogs.  As a matter of fact, my husband is home today, trying not to cough and sneeze.  I'm only at the beginning of this sick journey, hoping I can get it to go faster than my husband and youngest daughter.

Thus, I'm doing little non-physical things around the house.  Yesterday, we sorted through family picture (AGAIN), taking out duplicates.  We'd already sorted them by person/persons, but now, we wanted them down to an easier amount to handle.

I also have been reading old unpublished stories of mine, to see if they were worthy of publication.  Some--not so much.  They'd have to have an entire rewrite because I cringe at some of the sentences.  UGH.  After cringing, I laugh, read them to my husband, and he howls in laughter.

Others are worthy.  I have some of the series for the Rescuers in Action books done, even though I have only the first one out.  It's entitled The Lord is With Me.  In the book, it's up to Destiny to save her sister from kidnappers in Indonesia, even though she has no experience for the trip.  She accidentally meets the leader of a group who rescue people around the world.  They take a trip to Indonesia, coming up against many obstacles.

I have two more of the series, but I need to water them down a bit, since they're rather intense.  But they were an enjoyable read, especially since I wasn't feeling well.

Sometimes, you have to sit back and enjoy the view instead of plow ahead and keep going.  Some day, I hope to slow my life down enough that I can just read for fun, getting books off the Internet to do just that.  But until then, I'm going through pictures and such, reading books that I wrote long ago.

I hope you have a great, relaxing week.  I might be forced to do just that.

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