Monday, July 17, 2017

Mean Manipulative People

Authors love mean people.  They can certainly make the best types of antagonists, and really can set the protagonist on edge.

But in real life, those types can cause chaos.  What motivates these types?  I've had a few of those types on social media recently and I just block them.  They're not worth my time if they're out to be angry or manipulative.  I have enough of those types in my own family than to take on someone else's drama.

When things like that happen to me, I put them in a book and slowly take them down, one peg at a time.  I may have just a little issue with revenge with those types, but they just bother me.

Why are so many people so angry?  I've noticed that society is filled with people whose ultimate goal is to 'step in someone else's cornflakes' and tick them off.

I wish those types would learn the golden rule and see how it all feels.  Time to put them all in a book and teach them some manners.  😁

Have a happy day filled with sunshine!
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