Monday, August 14, 2017

Candy Crush

I'm a new addict to Candy Crush.  I know...that's so early 2000's, but hey...I'm a little slow.  I blame the show Candy Crush on this addiction.  But I'm not as bad as my husband, who is REALLY addicted to playing it on MY Nook.

I've found a few things out about life from Candy Crush.  Sometimes, you can't get to point B without doing something at point A.  It's kind of like in a book.  You can't present parts of the plot until you have a few things described beforehand, like back story, or setting up a crisis by showing the stuff beforehand and why it's a crisis.

Yeah.  I know.  Candy Crush isn't like a book...but isn't it?  One things leads to another and all of a sudden, you're in a bad place with no way out--what is perfect for books.

Have a super week!  Check out the 99 cent deal this week at featured books on my website.  This week, it's a YA called 'The Improbable Legend of Lucy George,' which is good for ALL ages.

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Monday, August 7, 2017

99 cents this week: All the Better to Love You With

99 cents this week!

Love Christian romance that's not preachy but just fun?  Check this book out!  It's loosely based on Little Red Riding Hood, but in this case, Red's not so innocent.  She's arrested by Sheriff Wolfe for stealing her granny's car, just so she could visit her other granny.

Here's the web page, so you can read more.  Click on excerpt on that page and you'll get the first chapter.  Enjoy!

Eryn/SweetTale Books