Monday, August 28, 2017

Believe You Can

Do you have a story inside you that you want to get out to the world?  Why aren't you writing it down?  Are you afraid of failure, or worse yet, afraid of success?

Here's what I suggest.  Write the story down for yourself.  Don't worry about putting it out to the rest of the world, but write it for yourself.  When you're done, if you think it's worthwhile, give it to your friends and family to read first.  Then give it to an editor and take it from there to be published, sharing your story with the rest of the world.

Believe you can do it, because if I can do it multiple times over, you certainly can do it.  I have no special training in writing, but learned from watching what others did.

Believe you can do it, because I believe you can!

Have a fantastic day today!
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