Monday, August 21, 2017

Cleaning up your life...

In the book, 'Ginger, Spice, and everything Not Nice,' (by Paige Ryter, which is 99 cents at Amazon this week), Rick has his friends give Lyra a major makeover, using alien technology.  Her entire life changes, because she's beautiful.  She's lost 50 pounds, had her hair cut, wears makeup, and is now dressed in hot clothes.  Her entire confidence level skyrockets.  Her life has been cleaned up.

We're doing that at our house, too--cleaning up our lives.  We started by going through the entire house and downsizing BIG time.  Yesterday, our daughters and I spent the whole afternoon cleaning out the garage.  It's amazing!  I feel so much better knowing the place is clean.  We just have a little bit more to do and the entire house will be done (we've been working for at least six months on this project).

Have you ever wanted to do that--change your whole life to give yourself a new perspective?  Me, too!  We're downsizing so that when my husband retires, we can move with very few material items.  I told him I want ONE POD.  We'll see if I can do that. 😉

Check out 'Ginger, Spice, and everything Not Nice' on Amazon this week (just 99 cents).  I think you'll like it!

Read the whole first chapter here.

Have a great week!
Paige/SweetTale Books

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